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Get Longer, Darker, Thicker Eyelashes
It’s natural to expect changes in our appearance as we age. Eyelashes, for example, naturally lose some of their thickness over time. They can also become brittle and turn several shades lighter as a person ages. Daily use of certain cosmetics can also stunt eyelash growth and contribute to discoloration, especially when applied daily and not properly removed. Luckily, LATISSE® can turn back the clock. This is the first FDA-approved prescription treatment for growing longer, darker, and fuller eyelashes. Discover what makes this cosmetic dermatology treatment different.

Choosing this Treatment Option
If you’re among the people longing for noticeably dramatic lashes, you’re not alone. Whether your eyelashes are changing with age or you were born with short, thin lashes, LATISSE® is a way to make them appear fuller, darker, and plusher. Our Mt. Vernon office offers LATISSE® treatments for a variety of patients.

Those considering a prescription lash enhancer will want to find a dermatologist or aesthetician they can trust. This product is applied near and around the eye, and when dealing with this delicate part of the body, it is important to go through a trusted source. If you’re curious about trying this product, contact us to schedule a consultation. You can get to know our staff while we assess your eyelashes, helping you decide if this is the right treatment center for you.

How to Apply LATISSE®
Kits come with a bottle of topical solution and single-use applicators. Application is easily incorporated into your nighttime routine. Simply remove any makeup worn during the day and clean the area around the lashes. Then, using one of the single-use applicators, apply the solution to the base of the upper lash line. You will need to apply the solution every day until you achieve the desired results, but the treatment is quick and easy.

It is important to remember that LATISSE® is not an overnight treatment. For best results:

Apply the prescribed amount daily
Do not apply more than one dose, even if you skipped a day
Use the applicators supplied in your kits
Continue with use for the full recommended amount of time

The results patients expect from this product are gradual. For best results, the product should be applied daily for several weeks. Some patients may see results after 4 weeks, but for maximum length and pigmentation, the treatment can continue for as long as 16 weeks. In clinical studies, as many as 78% of clients that began using this product saw a noticeable improvement to their lashes. Lashes appeared to be more than twice as long, with improvements to fullness, strength, and lash color. If you’re looking for a lash solution that doesn’t involve applying and removing mascara, this could be the treatment for you.

When to See a Doctor for LATISSE®
This treatment requires a prescription, which means it cannot be bought over the counter or at a drug store. If you’re interested in this product, you will need to visit a medical professional. Additionally, some people will have better results with LATISSE® treatment than others, so it’s a good idea to visit a doctor before beginning treatment.

The doctors at the Skin Care Center of Southern Illinois are equipped to help you decide whether this is the treatment for you. The LATISSE® prescription is also part of the Brilliant Distinction’s program. If you think this treatment might be right for your lashes, contact us to schedule a consultation with a professional.