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Wrinkle-Relaxing Injections in Mt. Vernon, IL
Facial lines known as dynamic wrinkles develop through years of expressing happiness, sadness, and other emotions. While these creases may be associated with character, they are also associated with age. Patients who prefer to maintain a more youthful appearance—without losing any of that hard-earned character—can choose BOTOX® at Mt. Vernon’s Skin Care Center of Southern Illinois. Here, an experienced and qualified injector can tailor your cosmetic dermatology treatment to give you beautiful results that still allow you to freely express your emotions.

How Does BOTOX® Work?
The key ingredient in FDA-approved BOTOX® is a purified form of botulinum toxin, a protein found in nature. When injected into specifically targeted muscles, this ingredient disrupts the messages sent via nerve cells that would otherwise trigger contractions. As a result, the muscles stay relaxed, the skin doesn’t pull into visible creases, and the face appears smoother, even when certain expressions are made. Because BOTOX® works so well, it is important to choose an experienced injector who can deliver the desired results while preventing a frozen, “overdone” look.

Which Areas Can Be Treated with BOTOX®?
Dynamic wrinkles are also known as expression lines and are attributed to motion and muscle activity in the face. These wrinkles are associated with more than making expressions. Any activity that causes underlying muscles to pull the skin into a new position—such as chewing, squinting, frowning, and pursing the lips to suck on a straw or puff on a cigarette—can contribute to the cosmetic problem.

Expression wrinkles often form around the mouth, as well as on the upper part of the face and the forehead. BOTOX® is FDA approved for treating:

crow’s feet (squint lines at the corners of the eyes)
horizontal forehead lines
vertical “11’s” (glabellar lines between the brows and nose bridge)

Injectors also frequently use BOTOX® for other, “off-label” applications that are effective, but not yet officially cleared by the FDA to be advertised as having certain benefits.

Discover almost a dozen face-rejuvenating uses for BOTOX at Mt Vernon's Skin Care Center of Southern Illinois.

Does BOTOX® Require Special Preparation?
Not much preparation is required prior to getting BOTOX® injections. It may be advised to avoid certain foods, drinks, and supplements in the weeks leading up to the day of the treatment if they can increase the risk of bleeding, bruising, dryness, and swelling. Alcohol, smoking, and excess salt should particularly be avoided.

What Can Patients Expect from a BOTOX® Session?
During an in-office treatment, small amounts of diluted botulinum toxin are injected into the targeted muscles with a very thin needle. The procedure is fairly simple and straightforward, lasting only about 45 minutes. Many patients say they feel minimal discomfort.

When it comes to BOTOX®, it’s better for your injector to use it sparingly and aim for subtle, balanced results. It’s always possible to come back for more injections if more dramatic results are desired. Higher doses are believed to have longer-lasting effects, and results may appear sooner for smaller, shallower fine lines.

What Happens After a BOTOX® Treatment?
Some patients experience mild bruising and swelling in or around around the area where BOTOX® was injected. Temporary headaches are also possible. In most cases, these effects resolve quickly without the need for any downtime or intervention.

It’s recommended that you avoid putting too much pressure on your face during the first 24 hours after getting BOTOX® so that it doesn’t spread to other areas. Other than that, patients can return to their usual activities as soon as they would like.

The effects can be seen in just a few days, with the peak results appearing between days 7 and 10. The smoother appearance can last anywhere from two to six months, after which muscles regain their ability to contract normally and related lines begin to show again. Patients who want to keep their more youthful-looking skin can get a new round of injections.

Having multiple treatments over time can cause the muscle to get used to relaxing and extend the lifespan of results, so the more BOTOX® treatments you receive, the longer the outcome may last. Additionally, injections can be a useful preventative measure to stop new lines from forming.

Are There Options Besides BOTOX® for Smoothing Skin?
Xeomin® is an injectable similar to BOTOX®, working to relax facial muscles for a more youthful look. The two treatments are known as neuromodulators, and you can discuss which would work best for you at your initial consultation.

For wrinkles and contour changes associated with volume loss, dermal fillers such as Juvederm®, Radiesse®, and Belotero Balance® are effective solutions.