What Types of Fine Lines and Wrinkles Do I Have?

What Types of Fine Lines and Wrinkles Do I Have?

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Not all wrinkles are the same, so not all wrinkle treatments are the same. Certain lines respond best to neuromodulators that relax muscles, while others benefit from the volumizing effects possible with the JUVÉDERM® family of fillers. Mt. Vernon area women and men frequently come to Skin Care Center of Southern Illinois wondering which is the best solution for their own signs of aging. However, aging can be caused by everything from environmental damage to age-related volume loss. Identifying the underlying cause of specific facial lines is important to determining the best treatment option. The following are the three main groups of wrinkles:

Dynamic Wrinkles

Facial expressions are a primary tool we use to convey emotions when we communicate with others. Aside from portraying happiness, surprise, anger, and other feelings, our facial muscles move during habitual mannerisms like chewing, clenching the teeth, squinting, glancing down at our phone, or drinking from a straw.

Unfortunately, the skin can’t maintain its firm, resilient qualities forever. The stretching and squeezing of skin cells from constant facial expressions eventually cause specific areas to become weaker. This is how dynamic wrinkles form. Expression wrinkles—such as crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, elevens between the brows, and smoker’s lines—fall into this category. They are visible when the face is in motion, so addressing them requires BOTOX® or a similar solution to keep the muscles at rest..

Static Wrinkles

Another type of wrinkles we often see are static lines that show even when the face is immobile. These wrinkles aren’t linked to muscle movement. Instead, they are the result of by sun and environmental damage, poor lifestyle and skincare habits, and the age-related depletion of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, oils, and fat from the skin that leaves it thinner and more fragile.

These lines include elastotic wrinkles from sun damage on the cheeks and the base of the neck, atrophic wrinkles or parallel crinkle lines from collagen loss, and compression wrinkles caused by pressure on the skin. Fillers work well to address these lines.

Gravitational Folds

Our faces are also affected by gravitational forces, which cause skin to be pulled downward. This results in deep, drooping folds and a loss of facial contours. Nasolabial folds are an example of this. Fillers are also good for treating these lines, adding volume below the skin and creating support structures higher on the face to curb sagging lower down.

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