It’s Not Too Late to Get End-of-Summer Skin Checks

It’s Not Too Late to Get End-of-Summer Skin Checks

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Having endured months of sweating, the end of summer isn’t exactly kind to our skin. There is never a bad time to get checked out by a certified dermatologist, especially if you have an unexplained skin spot or a history of skin cancer. Even if you’re rash-free and blemish-free, it’s a good idea see a dermatologist once a year.

If this year’s extended summer has sent your skin condition into overdrive, it may be time to seek out prescription-strength medication. But the end of summer is one of the best times to get skin checks for the whole family.


Identifying New Problems

Fall is a common time for people to identify unusual and unexplained blemishes that can warrant a trip to the dermatologist. As the sun’s rays become less direct, freckles and sunspots tend to fade. When one blemish or a small group of blemishes does not fade, but instead grows bigger, darkens in color, or changes texture, it can be the sign of a more serious skin condition that needs to be checked out by a dermatologist. New additions to the fall wardrobe are another common reason for skin problems to appear. A new piece of clothing may look great, but if it’s rubbing your skin the wrong way, that’s a problem. More serious reactions may indicate allergic contact dermatitis.


Back to School Skin Checks

Other skin-related problems are common during the school year, especially the fall. Scabies and head lice are two infestations that most people have heard about. There are also several communicable skin rashes including ringworm, folliculitis, and molluscum contagiosum that may thrive in various school and extracurricular activities. Not everything is chicken pox, and even some cases of chicken pox require a visit to the dermatologist. Not to mention the possibility of vulnerable parents contracting shingles.


Skin Cancer Screenings

Regular skin checks and consultations can lead to better outcomes, both medically and cosmetically. Studies which suggest it’s not important to get a skin cancer screening each year only look at mortality rates. Yet, early detection of both melanomas and carcinomas through regular skin checks from a certified dermatologist isn’t just about surviving cancer. It also means easier removal of the tumor and less scarring.


Skin Checks for the Whole Family

Skin checks for the whole family can reveal a range of skin conditions and treatment solutions, for children and for parents. Find out if young children have caught something from their classmates. Help your middle school or high school age child manage their off-the-charts acne problem. Get a routine screening for skin cancer.

Now is the time to visit your dermatologist to rule out serious skin diseases and to get a consultation about how to protect your skin for this coming winter. Look your best and feel your best.

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